Karolína SDC Bratislava

Square dance

Dancers in squares follow instructions hidden in the caller's song.

Square dance is a dynamic dance performed in squares. What's unusual about it is the role of the caller, who calls out figure names to the music, which the dancers then dance. Dancers must know all the figures of a given dance level, but they never know in advance what they will actually be dancing. It all depends on the imagination of the caller and what choreography they come up with.

Square dance is an inherently non-discriminatory dance. It is intended for people of all ages and regardless of previous dance experience. Thanks to the uniformly defined dance figures in English, dancers from different parts of the world can dance together. Square dance combines elements of dance, the power of thought, develops the movement culture of dancers and the agility of their reactions.

Current situation in the club

Currently, the club does not have an active club caller.

We ensure dancing and practicing square dance through recordings, a Czech caller online, and occasional visits from other callers. We also organize weekend workshops to learn and review individual dance figures/levels.

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