Karolína SDC Bratislava

Beginner course 2024/2025

On 25th September 2024, we are opening a round dance course for beginners, which will take place every Wednesday in the evening from September to June 2025. We will provide more information later. If you are interested in the course, let us know and we will contact you.

  • Unleash the dancer within you
  • We dance for joy
  • Come and have fun with us
  • Ballroom dances for everyone
  • Train your body and mind
  • Experience a friendly atmosphere

What you will learn

Round dance from scratch, starting from simpler to more complex steps. During the course, you will learn basic dance figures from rhythms such as waltz, cha-cha, and two-step, later adding rumba and jive. In addition to the steps, you will also learn the names of dance figures, acquire basic dance posture, and learn to navigate on the dance floor.

What can we offer you

The course includes a larger number of dance figures and progresses faster than in classical dance. The course is held in a friendly atmosphere, without stress or pressure. During the course, you will dance not only with other beginners but also with experienced dancers from our club. We dance for our own joy and pleasure, dance is our hobby. Our club offers a variety of dance and non-dance activities throughout the year.

For whom the course is intended

Whether you are a couple seeking a shared passion or an individual lacking physical activity and social interaction, everyone is welcome regardless of age, dancing abilities, and experience. English names of dance figures are used during the course and dancing, but knowledge of English is not required to complete the course.

What to wear

You can wear any comfortable clothing. Clean indoor shoes with a slightly slippery soft sole that does not leave marks on the dance floor are required. The best choice is dance shoes with a leather sole ("latinas", practice shoes, sneakers...).

Using What You Learn with Us

You can use the dance combinations from social dances at any dance event. After completing the entire beginners' course, we are happy to welcome you as a member of our club. You can then advance to other dance levels according to your preferences. You can also dance excellently at weekend dance events organized by clubs with similar focus in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and other countries, thanks to your knowledge of dance figures in the English language.