Karolína SDC Bratislava

Round dance

Ballroom dancing with a twist: a cuer tells you what to dance.

A cuer cues the names of dance figures in real-time to the music and also teaches round dance. Dancers do not have to memorize entire dance choreographies, but instead learn individual dance steps - figures. These figures are standardized worldwide and classified by difficulty into phases I-VI. The cueing is done in the English language, so dancers have no problem dancing round dance anywhere in the world.

The cuer either quickly improvises the order of dance figures on the spot (known as "hashing"), resulting in unique choreography, or follows a cuesheet with choreography written to fit a specific song. Classic standard rhythms such as waltz, quickstep, and tango, Latin American rhythms such as cha-cha, jive, and samba, as well as less traditional rhythms such as two-step, bolero, slow two-step, and west coast swing are all danced.

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